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It's really hard to make-a-living from content

Platforms usually share a tiny piece of the pie, so you either rely on adverts degrading the experience or you rely on branded content making your feed look like a tv-shopping show.

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How content creators use Gorilla

Share free content to engage your audience and mix it with premium content to delight the most fans.

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Share free tips and tools, alongside premium content with their best advice for changing habits, careers, etc. And also keep personalised sessions via chat.

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Share their portfolio so that people can buy it, download it in full quality, print it, and frame it... Forget about paying monthly subscriptions to download one picture.

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Language teachers

English, Spanish, Chinese... Teachers share examples of day-to-day situations and mix them with premium lessons and also chat with their followers directly

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Personal trainers

Share free bite-sized exercises to keep you fit and premium workouts to develop specific areas of your body. People also use direct chats asking for personalised workouts.

Your channel is ready in minutes

  • 1

    Create your public channel(s)

    Name, description, category, done! Now people can find you from anywhere

  • 2

    Upload your content

    Start by sharing content for free that you might have on other platforms and if you are starting: share some content in text, audio, image, or video format.

  • 3

    Promote your channel

    Share your channel with your existing audience and start sharing premium content


Most content creators usually ask these questions


Yes. Gorilla is free for everyone. People only pay for premium content.

65%. Gorilla takes 5% and Apple takes 30%, the rest is yours.

Purchases inside the app that "unlock" access to content are subjected to the 30% commission.

There are important benefits too:

  • It's secure. People feel protected.
  • Your card details are saved on your device. We do not have access to your card information.
  • It takes one tap to purchase, as your credit card details are already saved on your device
  • If we were hacked, hackers won't have access to your payment details.

Yes. Your content is yours. You decide for how long it is free or premium and how much to charge for it. You can have your free or premium content available on other platforms at the same time.

Being said so, for the sake of your followers: we recommend you to keep your premium content as premium for at least 2 months so that people don't feel "uncomfortable" if they can find your content for free somewhere else or if the content becomes free the following week.

One by one. They only pay for what they like: one piece of content or every piece of content you share. As of today, users can't subscribe to your channel.

We believe that giving users the freedom to decide which content to pay for at a very low price (0.49, 0.99, 1.99, 2.99, 4.99) is the best way to make quality content accessible to everyone without requiring further thinking if the upcoming piece of content will be of any value to them.

Yes and no. Yes because you can decide how to price each piece of content you share and No because we have limited the price points at which you can price your content (0.49, 0.99, 1.99, 2.99, 4.99) so it is accessible and easy to understand.

Yes, and you don't have to provide credit card details to start with. Upload your premium content and start promoting your channel.

Once you reach the 10 €$£ mark, we will reach out to you for extra information to make the payments to your account.